Department of Banking and Financial Management

The Department of Banking and Financial Management of the University of Piraeus was founded in 1990 and has been since preparing students to enter the field of finance, offering a comprehensive Undergraduate Degree with modules on investments, financial planning, asset pricing, portfolio management, capital market regulation and law, accounting, derivative markets, corporate finance, banking, micro- and macroeconomics, financial econometrics and other related subjects, reflecting the research interests and activity of its faculty members. It also operates two postgraduate courses (M.Sc. in Banking and Finance, and M.Sc. in Banking and Finance Law – for students with a legal background), and a structured Ph.D. program. It currently has around 1,000 undergraduate and about 140 postgraduate students.

The main objective of the Department has been to bring together strongly qualified academics and high-quality students. Faculty members specialize in a wide range of topics in finance and related disciplines, having research and teaching experience in world-class universities and publications in highly ranked academic journals.

The Department of Banking and Financial Management constantly strives to maintain its high level of research and teaching standards. Both its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Banking and Finance participate in the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, and it was the first Department in Greece to participate in this Program for its undergraduate degree.

The Department of Banking and Financial Management has also received accreditation and significant curriculum exemptions from both the ACCA and the ICAEW, and further operates a very active student job market placement program.
Its undergraduate program attracts high quality students with a strong track record of excellent prospects for employment in a breadth of areas related to banking and finance, financial and advisory services, and also accounting and regulatory positions. Graduates of the program have solid foundations in finance, banking, accounting, economics and related tools, and are regularly admitted to top postgraduate programs.
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